2023 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition was hold in Shanghai!


2023 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition was hold in Shanghai!

On November 19th, China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition was hold in Shanghai!

As the world's leading professional supplier of carding card clothing in the whole field, White Shark card clothing adheres to the original intention, constantly pursues product innovation, technological innovation and service innovation, and will go out, walk in and go up with firm confidence to create the Chinese white shark and the world's white shark!




On November 20th, Mr.Zhang Jingquan, the founder and chief designer of White Shark card clothing, Mr. Zhang Yonggang, the chairman of White Shark card clothing, Mr. Liu Feng, the senior representative of RAMATEX (Malaysia) Textile Co., Ltd., Mr.Leroy MA, the signing representative of Lima (Malaysia) Textile Co., Ltd., Mr.Wang Zhangchao, the deputy general manager of SINOMACH, Mr.Huang Jian, the director of marketing engineering of Brujas Company, and the representatives of domestic and foreign customers of White Shark card clothing, and media friends attended the signing ceremony.




Mr.Zhang Yonggang, the chairman of White Shark card clothing, said in his speech: In recent years, the cross-border development and integrated development of the textile industry, and the mainstream trends of high quality, high yield, high efficiency, green, science and technology, fashion, intelligence, low consumption and low carbon have become an important strategic development of the industry. Over the years, Guangshan White Shark Card Clothing Co., Ltd. has adhered to the customized service of "refined, specialized, special and new", focusing on the high-speed, high-yield, high-quality and other problems concerned by the industry, focusing on the high quality and high efficiency that the enterprise cares about, concentrating on research, focusing on the improvement of details, and carrying forward the craftsman spirit of "meticulous needles and needles, and striving for perfection in teeth and teeth", and has developed a series of Jintran card clothing products such as machine picking, vortex spinning, cellulose fiber, etc., and provides advantageous carding engineering solutions to solve customers' problems. Become a professional provider of carding equipment respected by customers at home and abroad.




Malaysia RAMATEX Textile Group, is a world-renowned textile and garment group, the White Shark card clothing company and Malaysia RAMATEX Textile Group become a strategic partner, the two sides play the advantages of industry, technology, research and development, strong alliance, will continue to strengthen the cooperation and research of carding technology, and build benchmarking machines, benchmarking production lines, benchmarking factories. It also indicates that the white shark card clothing has taken a new step in the field of international trade, and has more far-reaching strategic significance, the white shark Jintran card clothing has taken root in a foreign land, and found a way to borrow a ship to go to sea and develop sustainably from point to area, which will surely promote the rapid development of Guangshan white shark card clothing international business. This in-depth strategic cooperation shows the full trust and support of Malaysia RAMATEX Textile Group to Guangshan White Shark Card Clothing Company, and believe that the two sides will create a new miracle and future with the concept of sincere cooperation and mutual benefit and win-win!



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