White Shark and Brujas attend the Turkish Textile Industry Exhibition HIGHTEX


White Shark and Brujas attend the Turkish Textile Industry Exhibition HIGHTEX


Turkey is the first in Europe and the third in the world in terms of spinning output, has the largest investment in the textile finishing industry in Europe, and its production capacity is the third in the world, second only to China and India. In the past, Turkey was dominated by European textile machinery, but with the gradual enhancement of the performance and competitiveness of China's textile machinery products, more and more textile enterprises in Turkey and surrounding countries began to consider choosing Chinese textile machinery products.


The Turkish Textile Industry Exhibition (HIGHTEX) is the first and only exhibition in Turkey and the region. Since its inception in 2005, it has become one of the most important markets today. The latest technological innovations in the technical textiles and nonwovens industry are showcased. It provides a rare and excellent opportunity for overseas enterprises to enter and develop the Middle East market, meet and consolidate new and old customers.


The products of White Shark and Brujas at this exhibition cover carding machine cotton spinning series card clothing, air-spun card clothing, combed cylinder, non-woven metal card clothing, woolen card clothing and raising fillets, as well as the company's latest technological achievements - Jintran card clothing series. At the exhibition, the company focused on introducing the inclined flat top 18mm height cylinder, high-density straight tooth doffer , long-life air-spun card clothing, and coated Jintran card clothing. It is suitable for all kinds of high-yield carding machines, and combined with excellent customer cases at home and abroad, so that customers can have a more comprehensive understanding of our products.


Mr. Zhang Yonggang, the chairman of the company, personally participated in the exhibition, and together with the international sales team, he communicated cordially with new and old customers, shared the development results of White Shark and Brujas card clothing, and exchanged future market development plans with partners, laying a good foundation for the next step in developing the Turkish market. China Textile News conducted an on-site interview and report on Mr.Yang Wenfeng, deputy general manager of the company's international sales. At the same time, a dinner was held during the exhibition to entertain old customers and international partners.


With innovative products and high-quality services, White Shark and Brujas card clothing helps local enterprises improve the carding effect, actively promotes the development of textile enterprises while obtaining a good user experience, contributes to the high-quality development of the textile industry, and strives to be the world's leader in card clothing.


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