In conjunction with Rieter BT923 and R923 semi-automatic rotor spinning machines with a large popularity, our company has developed a new opening rollerbody for this purpose.The new roll body not only maintains the light weight of the original roller body, but also eliminates the difficulty of returning the original roller body (some original roller bodies are disposable cast aluminum parts. When the card clothing is removed, the gap between the groove and the groove and the wall is easy to break and fall off,causing the roller to be scrapped, even if it is barely wrappedwith card clothing, it is easy to hanging or wrapping).

● This kind of opening roller is a new-style aluminumalloy hollow roller body,which is light in weight and can be repeatedly returned to mounting. After the cavity is closed, there is no dust or fiber accumulation. ● It can reduce the heaviness of the opening roller, make it run smoothly, reduce yarn fluctuation, extend the service life of the bearing, and create conditions for increasing the rotor speed.

● The use of this roller body can reduce costs for customers and is cost-effective.

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